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Acupuncture Gets High Marks From Pain Specialists

Chronic pain is a term given to a variety of conditions that cause frequent, continuous pain lasting several months or longer, including arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia, back/neck/shoulder pain, face/jaw/tooth pain, and knee pain. While most chronic pain sufferers have traditionally taken prescription drugs or over-the-counter medications to ease their suffering ( all of which have moderate to serious side effects), studies show that increasing numbers of people are turning to more natural, less invasive and less harmful methods of pain relief.

Although numerous surveys have been conducted to determine the average person’s experience with chronic pain, few have examined how trained pain specialists feel about the use of complementary therapies for pain relief. A study recently published in the journal Pain has shown that 70% of the specialists surveyed either used acupuncture in their practice, or referred their patients to an acupuncturist, and felt that acupuncture was a “legitimate” method of pain relief.

Tai Chi improves balance, prevents falls in elderly

As we age, balance becomes more of a challenge and falls become a serious threat to our aging, fragile bodies. Falls are a leading cause of mortality among older adults ages 65 and older. With population models predicting steep increases in the 65 and older population, the need to address these falls and the strain they place on our health care system is vital. The implementation of mainstream fall-prevention programs into senior communities could be an important first step.
Many studies have shown that the regular practice of tai chi significantly improves balance and is an
effective means of preventing falls in seniors. A study published in the July 2008 issue of the American Journal of Public Health, “Transition of an Effective Tai Chi Intervention into a Community- Based Falls-Prevention Program,” evaluated the success rate when offering a tai chi program at community-based centers.
Researchers evaluated the Tai Chi – Moving for Better Balance program, an evidence-based falls-prevention program specifically developed for use with community centers. The 12-week study included the participation of 140 seniors (60 years and older) in 6 community centers for twice-weekly, one-hour classes.
Using various measures, researchers found significant improvement in each participant’s balance and strength levels. Additionally, tai chi helps reduce blood pressure and is a very effective way to dramatically reduce stress and anxiety.

Acupuncture helps Headaches


Natural Medicine: Acupuncture for headache relief
Many headache sufferers are compelled to take pain-relieving
drugs that may only temporarily relieve the pain and can cause
undesirable side effects. However, acupuncture offers hope for
many headache sufferers.

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Chronic Pain Relief is here in Pittsburgh

If you have ever lived with chronic pain, you know how frustrating and debilitating the situation can be. In fact, many people try acupuncture after they have tried all other approaches. When you struggle with pain, it’s important to know there are resources out there such as acupuncture to provide you with hope and encouragement that you can indeed heal from your pain condition.

Pain is the third most common health problem in the U.S., just behind heart disease and cancer, with 50 million people affected. Whether it’s back or neck pain, arthritis, fibromyalgia, headaches, extremity or facial pain, medical economists estimate that currently the cost of chronic pain treatments total well over $100 billion per year. Perhaps no other health issue is such a challenge to medical professionals.

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